People With This Star Sign Are More Likely To Be Successful

According to new research

By Lexxi Davis

From the editors of Marie Claire UK

It appears that your professional fate may in fact be written in the stars.

We already know your perfect engagement ring according to your star sign, as well as which cocktail each star sign should drink. But it seems there is one clear sign that rules the business world.

Have you ever wondered if you could cut it in the boardroom as a top-flight CEO? Well, if your star sign is Capricorn, you’re in for some good job news.

The UK Domain have analysed the backgrounds of the CEOs from the top 100 companies in the UK and US (FTSE 100 and Fortune 100) to discover the characteristics they all share.

These are the top star signs ranked in order of the world’s most successful business people…

1. Capricorn

2. Gemini & Libra

3. Leo, Taurus & Virgo

4. Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces

5. Scorpio

6. Aries & Sagittarius

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