The 13 Stages Of Every Single Work Christmas Party

1) The first bottle of prosecco is opened as you finish up your work. You ask for a small glass, proudly telling everyone that this year you will pace yourself

2) You squeeze into your dress in a teeny toilet cubicle and attempt (badly) to apply lippy with your compact mirror

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3) You leave the office, having eaten enough sausage rolls to keep you going until Christmas Day

4) You arrive at the venue. Team spirit is high and you take A LOT of selfies

5) More prosecco comes your way, and the idea of pacing yourself starts to fade

6) Food arrives. You forget about how full you were after all the sausage rolls a few hours ago and dive straight in.

7) You make friends with someone who swears they’ve worked in your building for years, but you’re 99% sure you’ve never seen in your life

8) The prosecco runs out, so you switch to white wine. It’s the same colour, so you’re not really mixing, right?

9) Around 9.30pm, somebody shouts: ‘TEQUILA’, and you know it’s game over.

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10) The mistletoe comes out.

11) You crack out your best moves to I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day. And quickly realise you’re basically the office David Brent.

12) You wake up the next morning with 207 images on your iPhone, a headache and a random Christmas bauble in your clutch bag.

13) Having to face the music next day. And the Facebook photos…