Spotify Have Leaked Our Embarrassing Listening Habits And They’re Hilarious

Remember last year when Spotify let you view your year in music? They allowed every member to see a geeky breakdown of their favourite songs and artists of that year and even let you see what you were listening to each month. Well, in the run-up to summarising another year of good music, Spotify have leaked the world’s listening data and it’s showing some fun things.

The music steaming service are embracing the ups-and-downs of this crazy year with their newest ad campaign titled ‘Thanks, 2016. It’s been weird’. Which is a very low-key way of saying ‘we’re so glad this year is over’.

The above billboard reads: “Dear 3,749 people who stream “It’s The End of the World As We Know It” the day of the Brexit vote, hang in there”. You can tell a lot about a group of people based on what they’re listening to at the time.

This ad campaign has been implemented across 14 markets. Our favourite has to be the one at the top of this article that says: “Dear person who played ‘Sorry’ 42 times on Valentine’s Day, what did you do?”

This one below, however, has to be a close second.

And it’s not just the UK and US who are getting these humorous billboards stuck up by the streaming service. Check out this amazing shot of one in Paris.

2016 has been a tumultuous year so you shouldn’t feel a little bit guilty for turning to your cheese playlist in dark times to bring in the light.  Similarly, if you turned to Christmas music way earlier than you should have, you weren’t the only one out there.

Also that “Panda” song was pretty popular, after all.

Before people start crying about Spotify haven’t access to your listening habits, you give them permission when you sign up. The only person in the world who has a right to be mad is this person…