We Need To Visit This Spa Theme Park In Japan

A few weeks ago we wrote about the Red Wine Spa in Japan that combined our eternal love for all things wine with our desire to lie in boiling hot springs and de-stress. It was problematic (because it’s ill-advised to drink the pool water) but we were still super excited to visit. However, the wine spa has been topped by this spa-theme park.

Japan seems to be making a habit of fusing already entertaining parts of lives with spas. We think this because of all the things to combine a spa with, a theme park is pretty down the list…


Beppu City boasts the world’s largest spread of hot springs and, to make the most of these natural resources, The Spamusement Park Project is planning to make an amusement park utilising the warm and therapeutic waters.

The company have since released a concept video showing off the ‘Onsen City’ that will bring together the hot springs and rides in ways you won’t believe are possible, reports Mashable.

What makes the concept special is that if you the video reaches one million views, a plan to develop the amusement park will be seen through. We’re not sure if the creators didn’t have faith in their project or just underestimated how many people used the internet but in a week alone the Spa-theme park video has surpassed two million views.

The best news is that the office are fully committed to going through with this plan. When the one million view goal was passed, a press release was issues that confirmed the construction plans for the site.

Thinking about it, this amusement park is just going to encounter the same issues as your standard water park. Things like verruca outbreaks and accidental flashes are par for the course really.

We can’t wait to give it a go and also see what the next thing Japan will turn into a spa. Our vote is for an all-you-can-eat-buffet-spa.