Social Media Faux Pas We Wish We Knew As Freshers

Fitting in at Freshers Week is a difficult thing. For the most part, the people you’re trying to make an impression on won’t even be in your life within a couple of months of settling into university. Most people tend to veer away from their freshers crews sooner rather than later.

However, Twitter and Facebook are pretty much like background checks for potential new friends. University is full of strangers so it makes sense that everyone does a little social media stalking before engaging in friendship.

To make things a little easier for y’all, Three UK surveyed 1,000 students to create a set of commandments that all prospective freshers should follow and all alumni wish they would have known about social media…


1. Don’t send friend requests unless you’re sure that you’ve made a connection with someone

The worst way to start a friendship is agree with yourself from a distance that you should already be friends with someone. Never feel shy about adding someone but only do it if you’re certain that they’ll see the request and immediately recognise you.

2. Do wait two weeks before ending texts with ‘x’

According to 76% of students, two weeks of knowing someone (which feels like two months in freshers) makes it appropriate to send gentle kisses. Apparently people read into things like that – who would have thought?

3. Don’t use a dating app in your first two weeks of uni

Don’t come across as that needy weirdo that goes to uni acting like you’re a free spirit and then shacking up with the same guy for a decade. You’ll make no friends and squander the best years of your life.


4. Don’t over-share on social media

Whinging about your work-load and parents may have flown in school but at university people have so much more interesting things going on. People will dump you from social media and you’ll probably deserve it.

5. Don’t use Twitter to arrange meet-ups

This is a one way ticket to haemorrhaging followers and getting blocked. Twitter isn’t the place for social conversing, that’s what Facebook is for. Twitter should be reserved exclusively for pretending you’re funnier than you are.


6. Do remember that these friends aren’t permanent 

The average fresher adds more than 23 friends to their Facebook within their opening weeks of university. The majority of them admitted that they speak to five or less of those people a year on… makes you think.