We Love This Smart Purse That Automatically Sorts Your Notes From Coins

With Sweden making its first steps toward a totally cashless society and the UK completely turning on the novel new five pound notes, it’s hard to say where cash money will be in fifty years. For now, it’s here to stay as long as the older generation keep using it. Like how your Nan still writes cheques for birthday presents.

Personally speaking, the only thing I use cash for is cabs outside of London. Apart from that I get by with just my card. Some people like using cash because it stops them believing they have unlimited money.

Some hate it because it’s a fiddly hassle.

We’ve all been the situation where a retail worker hands you your change in the awkward way ever. They’ll use a note and receipt as a bed and lay the coins on top, expecting you to do that pull the sheet off the table trick.

You then have to awkwardly pour the coins into your purse without dropping any. Everyone has a note section and a coin section and any cross-contamination is punishable by tutting.

If only there was a smart purse of wallet that organised itself…

Look at this thing! The Kin Wallet automatically sorts your coins from your notes.

You drop your notes into the large pocket and with a simple shake the coins are seperated into their own little pocket. It’s a one-way system, too. You can finally bang your change and receipt into one place and move out of the line without feeling the burn of 1,000 stares because you took two seconds to sort out your purse.

The smart purse was designed by three designers from Singapore that generated enough crowdfunding to make this purse – it obviously is a big enough of a problem.


The wallet is unisex and comes in a three colours. Once it’s on the market it’ll cost about £32, The Independent reports.