The Three Step Guide To Getting More Rest In Less Time

There’s a specific anxiety that strikes when the realisation dawns that you are getting no sleep. You’ve watched the clock go past two, then three, now four o’clock and there’s some invisible force stopping you from dropping off.

If only there was a way to get more rest in less time. Wouldn’t that be bloody great?

After a late night, drinking or otherwise, sleeping becomes very difficult. Just because there’s this inherent feeling that the next few days are going to be a lot more difficult because of your poor life decisions.

So how do you manage to still have late nights, get to sleep and get more rest in less time? Well, Lifehack has a three step guide for you!

1. Treat your bed like a “recharging station”

If you’re living in London and don’t really have space for a desk or even have a living room, this might be an unreasonable ask. Your bed should be used solely for the purpose of sleep. You’ll confuse your body if you use it for general sitting around.

2. Burn the bedding

There is such a thing as ‘too comfy’. What you’re trying to achieve here is that by getting rid of all those luxury sheets and pillows, your bed won’t be the best place to be in the morning – the shower or breakfast table will be.

If this seems too harsh maybe have a workday bed-spread (minimal) and a weekend bed-spread (luxury).

3. Stick with the plan

This sadistic system will only work if you stick with it. You’re trying to create classical conditioning between sleep and your physical bed. Even if you’re waking  up cold, don’t grab that wooly blanket – stick on a jumper instead.

This all comes down to whether your love of comfy bedding is greater than your hate of early mornings.