These Sleep Positions Could Be Causing Your Morning Headaches

For those of us that move around in our sleep, it’s hard to document what sleeping positions our body favours because, well, we’re never in one position long enough to make an assessment. While it seems as if how you sleep shouldn’t make a difference, your posture could be the reason you get those groggy headaches first thing.

1 in 13 of us, as Marie Claire report, wake up with throbbing headaches. Figuring out what kind of headache you have is the first step to curing it, but we’re still intrigued about whether our sleeping positions cause them.

If you’re a normal human/deep sleeper, your body stays in one or two positions during the seven or eight hours you’re asleep.

When you’re exploring slumberland, your muscles don’t work as hard to support your body because you’re lying down. This means that when you get up, your muscles tense and struggle to support your spine and neck.

This results in that drumming headache you nurse over breakfast.

So what sleeping positions should you avoid? It’s easier said than done because some of us just wiggle into these positions in our sleep but, you know, try your best.

Sleeping on your stomach

I personally have no idea how people can sleep this way. The way your twist your head and neck brings around a lot of unnecessary tension. It makes it harder to breath, too.

The foetal position

Curling up into a ball seems like the most comfy and secure way to sleep but you’re also just asking for a tension headache. Especially if you lie in this position for a while, your neck muscles will just lock in.

Putting your arm over your head

You’re not an orangutan, you can’t get away with this. It cuts off circulation and puts pressure around your nerves. Just bad news all round.

So what’s the ‘right’ way to sleep?

We’re not going to tell you how to sleep but ‘The Corpse’ is probably the most relaxing way to get some shut-eye. Lying on your back with your spine straight allows the blood to flow with ease. The bad news is that this isn’t going to help that snoring problem.