Six WhatsApp Secrets You *Need* To Know

I looked over my text messages the other day and realised that it’d been a few months since I’d actually contacted someone through texts, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger have become my primary means of communication at this point.

WhatsApp have released a new update for Android (which we imagine will come soon to iPhones) that allows for a whole host of new features, some obvious, some secret (shh). Here are six of our favourites.

1. Voicemail

They’ve done it, WhatsApp have single handedly replaced everything we are meant to use of phones for. With WhatsApp calling being more reliable than most carriers and now the introduction of voicemail, you’ll never use a minute or text again!

2. Selfies at night

Ever been frustrated that as soon as it gets dark out your selfies start to look like stills from a horror movie? This new update makes it possible to take front-facing selfies in the dark since the screen lights up and provides a flash!


3. Get rid of blue-ticks

Read receipts are the lie-detectors we can trust. Generally, I think we all need to chill out with needing immediate replies to inane messages however if you don’t want the pressure of people knowing what you’re looking at you can turn off read receipts on the privacy section of settings.


4. Tricking the blue-ticks

If you’re trying to avoid someone and want to read the message without triggering the blue alarms, turn on Airplane mode, read the message in secret and the sender won’t see the blue ticks until you go online and open WhatsApp again!

5. Text formatting

Oh yeah, it’s the sexiest phone feature around. You can now make your text bold, italicised or strikethrough. For bold, add * to the beginning and end of the word, for italics add _ and for strikethrough add ~ .


6. Hide your ‘Last Seen’

This is probably more effort than it’s worth but by deleting a person from your contact list and changing your ‘last seen’ preferences to ‘My dontacts only’, that person will never be able to see that you’re online.