The Six Nandos Hacks That Will Change Your Chicken-Eating Life Forever

Nandos has quite a mixed identity. Despite its international presence, it originally started in South Africa but has always served food of a Portuguese/Mozambican theme. It has chains across every continent but, for our money, has the most resonance here in the UK. Nowhere else does the expression ‘cheeky Nandos’ have any meaning.

We Brits do Nandos the right way. It’s pretty much all we have apart from some economic problems. So why not make use of our insider knowledge and start learning about the most secret and helpful Nandos hacks in the world?

As shared by Cosmo, this the hall-of-fame of chicken hacks!

1. Cheesy Mash

We’re a big fan of Nandos’ sides, however, the chips are the heartiest thing of the menu and aren’t even that filling. Since you can add a piece of cheddar to your chicken ‘officially’, there’s no rules that say you can’t turn their 5/10 mash into an 8.

2. Garlic bread buns

A technique first innovated by Grime MC and Twitter King, JME. There’s no reason you can’t swap your burger bus for garlic bread and just intensify those herby flavours. The staff might not appreciate it but that’s because they expect you to play yourself. Order garlic bread buns, don’t play yourself.

3. Merky Burger

Another UK treasure, Stormzy’s patronage to Nandos resulted in him getting his own burger. The #Merky Burger features a slice of halloumi with garlic and chilli sandwiched in a toasted Portuguese roll.

4. Large fries

You get about the same amount of fries in one large portion than two regulars – and it’s cheaper, too.

5. The Peri-Flamer

On the kids menu, a portion of the menu you’ve probably never looked at, lies the Peri-tamer. It’s a BBQ favour selection of wings which can be turned into the more adult Peri-Flamer by throwing on some extra spice. You get the tastiness of the BBQ with the business of Nandos spice.

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6. PERInaise

Nandos give you free mayonnaise, a mistake on their part. Why pay for their version of ‘PERInaise’ when you can make your own?