13 Signs The Guy You’re Seeing Is A Complete And Utter F*ckboy

You don't need this kind of negativity in your life

If you’re dating a f*ckboy, get out ASAP. He’ll never commit, he’ll probably make you cry and you’ll be annoyed you spent so much time with him when you could’ve been out there living your life.

If you’re not sure whether the guy you’re seeing is a total f*ckboy or not, we’ve pulled together a list of the warning signs. Trust us, you’ll thank us later…

1) He won’t put a label on it

He’ll fob you off for as long as possible, so if it all goes wrong he can just say you were ‘never really together’.  This means he gets the best of both worlds, staying single while enjoying the perks of having a girlfriend.

2) You haven’t met his friends

And if you have, they probably aren’t that interested in getting to know you. Because they’re used to him having a girl on the go at all times.

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3) When you ask him if he wants to meet, he’ll give a vague answer

Like: ‘Yeah, let’s work it out later.’

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4) Unless it’s on his terms

We all know what he’s thinking when he drops you that ‘Hey, you up?’ text at 11pm.

5) He’s made a point of not adding you on social media

Is he trying to hide the fact that he’s still commenting on other girls’ Instagram pictures? Or does he just not consider you close enough to join his Facebook inner circle?

Either way, it’s suspicious.

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6) He says things like ‘I have commitment issues’ or ‘I’ve been hurt in the past’

We all have, pal. And we imagine those ‘commitment issues’ will come in handy when we catch you texting another girl, right?

If he really does have something he needs to work through, he should be adult enough to do so before leading you into a relationship he can’t put 100% into.

7) He’ll disappear off the face of the earth for days on end, before returning with a rubbish excuse

‘Oh, my phone broke and I had to visit my grandma in Wales and I dropped my laptop in the sea.’

8) He doesn’t seem particularly bothered about what you’ve been up to, either

He’s cocky enough to assume there’s nobody else on the scene, but it doesn’t affect him that much if there is. To him, this is completely casual.

9) He calls his exes ‘psychos’

Chances are, they called him out for being an absolutely massive f*ckboy and he didn’t like it.

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10) Nothing is ever his fault

Even when he’s clearly in the wrong, he’ll turn the argument on you. Cut to you getting called a psycho.

11) He won’t let you near his phone

And he’ll be really cagey about who he’s texting.

12) He won’t think to tell you about important life decisions

Of course he should take that opportunity to work abroad for three months. But he should also realise that it’s quite a big deal, and make sure you’re fully in the loop.

The same goes for a new job, or moving house. Essentially, he should actually want to talk to you about stuff.

13) He’s been nagging you for nudes

The biggest f*ckboy trait of them all. NOPE.