We *Finally* Know If It’s Better To Shower At Night Or In The Morning!

People, generally, can be split into two groups. There are those that shower at night and those that shower in the morning. Both have obvious advantages but there has never been any conclusive proof into which one is objectively better.

Your priorities might dictate when you take your showers. Things like how long it takes for your hair to dry and how many times you press the snooze button on your alarm contribute to what kind of showerer you actually are.

Showering at night saves you a load of time in the morning (and battling your house-mates for the hot water) but a morning cleanse really gets you fresh for the day. So which one is better? It really differs from person to person but here are some advantages to each that you might not have thought of.

Showering at night

Guess what insomniacs, you’ve been showering wrong! Sleep specialists say that cleaner sheets lead to a more relaxed sleeping state. It’s a psychology thing – by showering before bed, you’ll keep your bed in better condition and naturally sleep better; you’ll also rid your pores of any makeup residue that your wipes can’t get!

Similarly, showering in the evenings is a great way for achieving healthy skin. A warm evening shower followed by a lotion application or ointment combined with clean sheets will keep a natural glow on your skin. The trick is to use lukewarm water as not to dry your skin out!


When you’re waiting for the water to heat up…

Showering in the morning

If you work in media or any industry that requires your creative juices to be flowing, a morning shower allows one to enter the ‘incubation period’. Have you ever wondered why you get your best ideas in the shower?

It’s because the warmth of the shower relaxes your mind and body allowing for your mind to just wander and find solutions you struggle with when you’re at work and there’s a thousand things to think about.

A more physical advantage to showering in the morning is it solves the issue of cutting yourself when shaving! In the morning we get a boost of clot-forming platelets that stop us bleeding when there’s an accidental knick!