Shower Beer Is Real And Bringing Pre-Drinking Into The Future

When we first heard about ‘beer showers’ we didn’t really understand it. Well, our confusion went through several stages. First, there was denial, we just didn’t think it was a thing. Then, bargaining as we thought that if Margot Robbie was into it then we could be too. And finally, acceptance.

Just to clarify (and reuse a joke) a ‘beer shower’ doesn’t involve Hollywood golden girl Margot Robbie hooking a keg of Fosters up to her water mains… it’s not as good as that.

But ‘beer showers’ (the action) have now caused the ‘shower beer’ (the noun). This brew from Swedish brewery PangPang and creative agency Snask has been made explicitly for drinking in the shower.

It’s a sweet pale ale for any curious beer fanatics out there but is, unfortunately, completely sold out!

As HelloGiggles report, Shower Beer was designed to make getting ready for a night out while pre-drinking so much more streamlined.

With a slogan like “never show surprise, never lose your cool”, you know the kind of audience this is appealing to (hipsters). However, we still want it.

Firstly because of how strong it is! 10% beer is very, very strong. There’s a reason it’s only 18cl and can be finished in three gulp or two if you’re really ready to party.

Seeing as pretty much every bottle manufactured has been sold to and probably drank in Sweden, it’d be really cool to see these little bottles coming to the UK soon.

It’s not like there isn’t a market here for them…

We love the idea of not wasting a single second of drinking time with showering sober however maybe Snask didn’t totally think this through.

They’re asking us (us?!) to drink in the shower holding a glass bottle with soapy hands. You’re kind of asking for trouble and glass shards in your feet, to be honest.