Shipwrecked Is Officially Returning To Our Screens, And Here’s How To Apply

Our T4 favourite!

By Hayley Minn and Anna Francis

From the editors of CelebsNow

When Love Island returned to our screens after years away, we thought all our dreams had come true.

But now, it’s been announced Channel 4 are planning a reboot of noughties cult reality show Shipwrecked – which dumped loads of good-looking people in bikinis on a remote desert island to fend for themselves.

Yup. Shipwrecked is set to welcome a new group of Tigers and Sharks and, according to the application ad, wants ‘people who are totally EXTRA, have strong opinions, and the ability to hold their own during the experience of a LIFETIME.’

It also promises: ‘You’ll make friends, memories, and possibly a bucket load of cash… All while you tan to perfection!’

So if this sounds like you, you’re aged 18-30 and you’d like a free trip to a paradise island (seriously, just sign us up already), you can apply here.


Jeff Brazier came to fame on Shipwrecked

News of the comeback was first announced when a TV insider told The Sun: ‘Lots of people have fond memories of watching Shipwrecked in their youth and dreaming about joining the fun in paradise.

‘Now Channel 4 have decided to give millennials the same experience, after Love Island proved sun-kissed hunks and beauties frolicking in a tropical setting can result in huge ratings.

‘While there have been similar shows recently, like The Island and Mission Survive, they are all about making people miserable by forcing them to fight for their lives in the wild.

‘On Shipwrecked, the biggest hardship the castaways faced was getting tan lines. It should go down well with the snowflake generation.’

sarah-jane crawford

Sarah-Jane Crawford appeared on the third series

Shipwrecked launched on Channel 4 back in 2000 and ran for three series before going off air in late 2001. However, in 2006, it returned with a ‘battle of the islands’ format where two different teams competed to recruit newcomers in a bid to be the largest group and take home up to £100,000 in prize money.

In total, Shipwrecked ran for eight series, with a final ‘back to basics’ edition on E4 in 2012, when the T4 brand was axed.

It saw the first ever TV appearances from Jeff Brazier and Sarah-Jane Crawford in series three of the show, as well as Stephen Bear in series eight, and Big Brother’s Mark Byron in series seven.

We can’t actually wait for it to return!