A Selfie-A-Day Will Make You A Happier Person

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, so goes the expression. Well, we have an updated version for you which switches ‘apples’ for ‘selfies’ and ‘doctor’ to ‘bad feelings’.

Yep, according to psychologists, taking a daily selfie could be making you a happier person without you even realising it!

And we’re not even talking about all those lovely snapchat filters, a study published in the Psychology of Well-Being publication finds that there’s a direct link between taking daily self portraits and having a positive and beneficial view of one’s self.


While doing research into the ways that handheld technology could improve the emotional well-being of university students, psychologists in California put the stress relieving functions of our smart phones to the test.

The study asked 41 students to fill out a questionnaire and take part in an informal interview about their general happiness before the tests.

The group was split into three groups: the first took daily selfies, the second took photos of things they thought would make someone else happy and the third took photos of things that made them happy.

It was a month long study with participants updating the psychologists with happiness updates via an app… typical millennials.


What was interesting is that all three groups experienced a boost in happiness! Hooray!

The group taking photos of things that made happier found themselves being more reflective and appreciative, a result that Instagram should definitely be taking into consideration for their next rebrand.

The group taking photos of things that made other people happy were calmer and interestingly found themselves having a better connection with friends and family.

To reap the benefits of a prime selfie, you need the camera for the job. Your phone is all well and good but if a selfie is worth taking, it’s worth taking right.

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