Secrets Of A Perfect Marriage

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We’ve narrowed it down to five key rules…

If like us, you devoured every single page of The Girl On The Train last year, you’ll no doubt be counting down the days until the film is released.

In this explosive psychological thriller, Rachel Watson, played by the fabulous Emily Blunt, obsesses over a couple who seem to have it all. But all is not quite as it seems when the woman goes missing. Devastated by the breakdown of her own marriage, Rachel fantasises about this seemingly ideal couple, but is there such a thing as the perfect marriage?

If there is, we think we’ve found five of the secrets…

Spend time together
It’s rare a week goes by without a celebrity couple announcing their break-up due to ‘work commitments’. Spending too much time travelling, or with friends, can put more than physical distance between you. So, take time to make time for your marriage – it’ll be worth it.

…and time apart
It’s also good to do your own thing every so often. Apart from missing each other, you might have some interesting stories to share when you return. So go and book that spa day – for the good of your relationship, obviously.

Match made in heaven?
Both obsessed with watching Stranger Things or jetting off to Ibiza for long weekends? Good. Enjoying the same things is up there when you’re spending so much time together. It might just see you through those tough times.

Trust is a biggie
That’s right – many would say this is the single most important thing in a marriage and if you don’t have trust, you don’t have a relationship. If you’re constantly accusing your partner of cheating it’s going to wear thin pretty quickly. Saying that, trust has to be earned on both sides. If you’re open and honest with him, there’s no reason he shouldn’t do the same. OK?

Be nice
Yes, he annoys you when he leaves beard stubble in the sink, but let’s face it, you’ve got your habits too. No one’s perfect, so quit nitpicking and be nice to each other.

The Girl On The Train is in cinemas from 5 October, 2016.

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