The *Secret* Way To Get Your Twitter Account Verified

Getting verified on Twitter doesn’t mean what it used to. Before this year, only certified celebrities and influencers (whatever that word means) got the blue tick next to their Twitter bio that said: “Sorry, I’m just a better person than you”.

It’s elitist has hell and we should all hate it but now Twitter are making regular people verified and we want in! So how do you get that little blue tick without getting famous? It’s hard but can definitely be done!


SurePayRoll have done the research and worked out exactly what you need to do to get that little blue tick next to your Twitter profile. Going in you should realise that this is probably a waste of time but if you’re curious (or if it means that much to you), here’s the situation.

Back in July, Twitter announced that they had created an application process for Twitter accounts to get verified. Before Twitter would just decide if you were worthy.

Twitter looks to the world of music, TV, film, fashion, politics, journalism, media and sports for any people of influence that should be given the blue stamp of approval. Kim Kardashian was one of the first people to ever be verified!


In order to be verified you need to explain why you should be verified which feels a lot like an interview question. You need to “demonstrate your impact” and “describe 1-2 ways in which you’ve changed your field”.

If your request is successful you’ll gain access to super-Twitter with extra analytics and the ability to siphon through all the Twitter nonsense from bored trolls. You actually have the agency to protect your Twitter account!


Honestly, you can’t really cheat the system. Knowing that you can apply for verification is one thing but the blue tick comes with being really good at Twitter…