The Secret To Recovering From A Break-Up With Exercise

Break-ups can really hurt. Even if you’re the instigator, the loss of a relationship can really tear a void in your life. Time may heal all wounds but in the meantime you need something to pick you up on those lonely days. Luckily, the human body is designed to turn exercise into strength; both emotionally and physically.

Writing for Refinery29, Acacia O’Connor regales the internet with her tale of how hardcore workouts helped her get over the roughest break-up of her life. If you’ve never been into fitness, this might be the perfect time to start.


She begins: “Since my breakup, which happened to occur the day after I ran the New York City Marathon, the one self-care action I hadn’t been taking was working out”. This is common in a lot of relationship dissolutions. Finding time for each other as well as being comfortable with your couple body can cause your work-out discipline to slip pass in substitute for Netflix.

This is what we learned from O’Connor’s post!

Live in the moment

“[Exercise] required patient focus on the task at hand, and the byproduct of that focus was an almost spiritual union of mind and body in the present”. The hardest part of a break-up is dealing with the daily associations that remind you of the past. Dwelling is like fertiliser for misery so occupy your mind and time with working out – it’s hard to miss your ex’s parents when you’re transforming into a badass.


Exercise breaks down your ego

“It was the thing that I could never quite let go of in my relationship, and it had followed me like a shadow, baring its nasty teeth”. Ego comes to play a lot in a break-up. As long as the relationship didn’t end because of infidelity, there’s no reason to resent our ex-partner’s and yet we do. It’s basic narcissism and we’re all guilty of it. Hard work-outs break us down to our base elements and then build us back up stronger.

The importance of self-care

The worst thing you can do for yourself post-break-up is have your friends swarm to your place to comfort you with their company and ice-cream. You need to take some control of your life and get your butt back in gear!