This Is The *Real* Reason We’re All Terrified Of Clowns

The good people of Staffordshire and under attack by a menacing presence. Clownapocalypse has hit Stoke-On-Trent and it’s scaring the living bejeezus out of everyone.

But don’t think you’re safe just because the red-nosed devils are localised in one area; when the freaks start cropping up, it just encourages copycat clowns. I give it a week before the capital is rife in Joker lookalikes.


As far as we know, this 30 strong UK posse of insane clowns (not to be confused with the Insane Clown Posse), haven’t hurt anyone. There have been attacks from killer clowns in the US but that’s the states for you.

Either way, people are quite rightfully losing their minds over these clown sightings all over the states… check out this creepy footage of the killer clown sightings.

As with every sinister phenomena, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Back in the 1980s (the peak of corny horror villains), clown sightings started peaking in Boston.

From there Loren Coleman the Cryptozoologist (we’re sure that’s not a real job) came up with the “Phantom Clown Theory” which explains our fear of children party entertainers .


If we remove the presence of John Wayne Gacy Jr, the clown that murdered 33 people, and all the Hollywood iterations of frightening clowns, psychologists theorised that it’s “ambiguity” that scares us so much.

In a piece for The Daily Beast, over 1,000 people were asked to complete a survey on what behaviours, jobs and hobbies categorised as ‘creepy’.

The results found that males with “nonverbal behaviours”, “strange physical characteristics like peculiar smiles and long fingers”, and no sense of social appropriateness were the most creepy. In essence, clowns.


The ambiguity of clowns behaviours, or rather, their hidden reasoning puts us all on edge. Are they really happy? What tricks do they have up their sleeve? A pie to the face or breaking into your garage at night?

We trust what we understand and why anyone would stalk people in a full-clown get-up is way beyond our comprehension.