These Apps Will Save You *Loads* Of Money When Shopping Online

When was the last time you thanked the universe for providing online shopping for you? Think of all the lazy saturdays you’ve spent just chilling instead of out in the shops, hiking up your blood pressure. Nowadays you can have your cake and eat it by getting whatever you need delivered to your doorstep and maintain your busy, go-getter lifestyle!

However, shopping online is a doubled-edged sword. It’s easier than ever to part with your cash online and that’s the problem… With my details already stored on Amazon, it takes me two clicks to make a purchase, regardless of how much money I’m spending. That’s waaay too few clicks if you ask me.

If you can’t break your online shopping addiction but want to save some money, check out these amazing apps and hacks…

Pull Your Punches

This trick doesn’t work everywhere, however, according to HelloGiggles, if you stick something in your shopping cart and go through all the pages but don’t buy the item. Wait for a while and sometimes the retailer will send you an email with a related discount voucher. The email will have a subject like “Come back and get that thing” or “Great deals on the thing you want”.


This is a nifty little website where you can save any fashion item you see while online window shopping and then get a notification or email when it’s on sale, low in stock and back in stock. You’ll never miss a chance to save some cash.

Image credit: Screenshot

Image credit: Screenshot

Honey Extension

This is one of those fancy in-browser installations like AdBlocker. Instead of scribbling down discount codes, install Honey in your browser and it will automatically ass any existing discount codes to your cart. How cool!