This Robot Will Help You Blow Your Nose In Case You’re Too Sick To Do It Yourself

Who says that your sick days can’t be creative or productive? Let’s be real, the only reason your manager gives you the day off when you’re under the weather is because they’re scared of getting sick themselves. So why not use a duvet day to your advantage?

While most take the selfish route of binge-watching movies or trying to understand why anyone watches daytime TV, Youtuber Simone Giertz has, like a true philanthropist, designed a robot to blow your nose for you.

The future is now, people. The main critics of technology lambast it for making us ‘lazy’ and ‘entitled’ but how many times have you been so ill that it hurts to blow your own nose? Not to mention that using your already gross hands as tissue holders is unhygienic as sin.

Robots make the perfect bed-nurses. They can’t catch diseases themselves and are the only things in the universe that can actually tolerate a sickly you.

The only issue is that if a certified and well-liked genius like Giertz can barely get this tissue-doling robot arm to work, how do you expect to?

Watch the video below to get a feeling of how effective a nose-blowing robot actually is.

We don’t claim to be robotics experts but we do have a few tips for anyone at home that’s going to attempt their own version of this nose-blowing machine.

Keep the grip loose. We’re wary about robotic claws anyway but, as a rule, losing your nose to a vice-grip because you were sick of blowing you nose doesn’t bode well for any future prospects.

Also, holding the robot arm up with an arm doesn’t really make the effort worth it, right? Isn’t the point to be hands-free?

We’re only criticising it because we love this idea. Sick days shouldn’t be any more uncomfortable than they already are and we believe this robot arm is the next logical step.