This Is The Ideal Age Gap For Couples To Have For A Successful Relationship


By Megan C. Hills

From the editors of Marie Claire UK

Turns out a bigger age difference doesn’t necessarily make for a more successful relationship.

According to a study conducted by Emory University over in Atlanta, there’s a correlation between larger age gaps and divorce in married couples.

The study, which was conducted in 2014, is based on information from over 3000 people in the United States. Couples with a one year age difference were the most likely to make it with just a 3% chance of divorce, however those chances jumped up to 18% for a five year difference and 39% for a ten year difference.

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For relationships with a 20 year age gap, though, things look pretty bleak with a 95% chance of separation…

However, people who happen to be in a relationship with a wider age gap shouldn’t be deterred by the statistics – these are just scientific observations and there’s always a possibility you and your partner can make things last.

Naturally, a whole host of factors come into play when you’re in love (let alone finding your perfect partner to begin with) and nipping common relationship issues in the bud always helps.

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The study, which looked primarily at the relationship between how long a marriage lasts and how much a wedding costs, was full of other interesting tidbits including the fact that couples who bought cheaper engagement rings were more likely to stay together.

Maybe it’s time to rethink that extravagant ring…