10 Year Relationship Contracts Could Replace Traditional Marriages

‘Till death do us part’ is a bit much, no? While we’re all for stoking the fires of romance in this calloused world where apps and dating attitudes are sucking out all the excitement out of relationships, marriage is a hell of a commitment. Seems obvious to say but seeing as the UK rate of divorce sits at one in three marriages, it might be too much of a commitment.

To combat this idea relationship experts are advising putting a ‘break clause’ in a marriage contract to prevent messy divorces. Instead of wagering your mortality, you can sign a reasonable ten-year relationship contract, the Standard report.

Horribly unromantic, we know, but if it means divorces are less damaging, we’re in full support. The way these relationship contracts would work is that every nine years, partners in wedlock would renegotiate their contract.

Dr Nikki Goldstein told Mail Australia that this system would prevent people “clinging on to marriages” that they’re no longer happy in but choose to stay in because it’s easier.

It would allow for really clean break-ups both in terms of the actual divorce proceedings but also alleviate the present stigma attached to divorce, despite it being so common.


Image credit: RexFeatures

Goldstein says, “If there was more social acceptance from society and we did have more encouragement to create our own rules and marriages, maybe we’d see a decrease in the amount of divorces”.

One couple that are currently testing out this 10 year contract. Casey Beros had this to say about opting for a contract rather than marriage, “My intention was to focus on making the relationship good now, rather than promising forever, crossing our fingers and throwing caution to the wind,” she told the paper.”

“We’re still promising to each other, we’re not saying forever, but the sentiment is exactly the same.”

And that’s the most important thing. Naysayers may cry that “romance is dead”, but these relationship contracts prove that people still want to be together, they just don’t want to set themselves up to be hurt.