Reused Water Bottles As ‘Dirty As Toilet Seat’

A new study might make you think twice about refilling.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably refilled your water bottle more times than you can remember. Yes? Well you might want to stop, because apparently reused water bottles could harbour as much bacteria as a toilet seat. We know.

TreadmillReviews tested refilled water bottles that had been used by an athlete for a week without washing, and revealed to the Metro that one bottle contained so much bacteria they might as well lick a toilet seat.

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What’s more, the research showed that roughly 60% of the germs found were capable of making you seriously sick, meaning your water bottle could be your sick day culprit. Who knew?!

We bet Karlie doesn't wash her water bottle enough, either...

We bet Karlie doesn’t wash her water bottle enough, either…

When you think about it, it’s not hard to see how. Plenty of us go days, sometimes weeks, without properly washing out our bottles, leaving sweat and bacteria to fester in all its germy glory.

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Scary stuff aside, the solution is simple. We’re definitely not suggesting you buy a new bottle of Evian everyday (the environment is under enough stress as it is), rather that you try a different type. The study showed that squeeze and screw-top bottles had a considerably lower number of bacteria than the slide-top type, while stainless steel came in at the top.

Whichever you go for, regular cleaning is key. Over and out.