A Quidditch Premiere League Has Been Launched And We’ve Already Started Training

Listen up, Potterheads! The time to put your Harry Potter skills to the test is here. You might consider yourself well read in the dark arts but this is a less Granger trial and one of physicality and strife. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the Quidditch Premier League?

Quidditch is a sport that has cropped up on university and college campuses for a good few years now. What began as a fun way to get some exercise while cosplaying, evolved out of the fringes of nerd-hood to become a minor league sport.

Now the UK has its first ever official league for the best Muggles.

As the BBC report, “eight teams will compete for the title of national champions. There are 20,000 international players, 25 competing countries and even an international rulebook”. Obviously appariting is outlawed.

The sport taken wholesale from the books has seven players on the pitch, of course with a broom between their legs. We’re pretty sure you have to suspend the belief that if you remove the broom from between your legs, you fall to your death.

Director of this premier league, Jack Lennard said that this is “an opportunity for the sport to grow and gain prestige on a greater level nationally and internationally than ever before.”

So how exactly is this sport going to work in the UK?

So there are eight teams representing eight regions: the London Monarchs, Southwest Broadside, Southeast Knights, Eastern Mermaids, Northern Watch, Yorkshire Roses, East Midland Archers, and the West Midland Shredders.

The game is played exactly as it is in the books with Keepers, Chasers, Beaters and Seekers.

The quaffle is a semi-deflated volleyball thrown through hoops, bludgers are dodge-balls thrown at other players to send them back to their hoops and the snitch is a player with a tennis ball in a sock attached to their shorts.

Simple enough?