This Prosecco News Will Make Your Day

This is not a drill…

Calling all prosecco fans, we’ve got big news for you.  After a nerve-racking time where a shortage of our beloved sparkly wine just last year left us questioning what to order at the bar forevermore, there’s finally some joyous news to share with all you fellow fancy fizz fans.

It seems our prayers have finally been answered and prosecco is set to become even cheaper. That’s right, you did not misread that sentence. Not only is the light, bubbly beverage shortage officially behind us (for now), but you can now get your hands on a bottle for a little less. So, how much less are we actually talking about? 23p to be exact. Now, this may seem minimal on first glance, but that’s enough of a drop for us, and if it’s possible, makes us love it even more.

SEE: Aldi Is Selling A 3L Bottle Of Prosecco

Drawing our attention to the exciting revelation, The Independent helpfully reported that due to demand for said drink, the likes of Aldi and Lidl and their range of non-stop offers has led other supermarkets to rethink the price of their very own prosecco offering.

And you really can’t argue with these stats. It’s estimated that the demand for prosecco has actually doubled since 2013, with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

So whether you’re gearing up for the weekend, thinking ahead to the impending festive season and bulk buying bottles as a rather thoughtful (Read: practical) gift for your pals or planning a prosecco party on the back of this absolutely wonderful news – there’s really never been a better excuse to pop down to the local shops and check out all of those affordable offers.

Roll on the weekend…