How To Be More Productive At Work According To Your Personality

Back in the dark ages, companies believed that a military and uniform style of working suited everyone best. Then people realised that employees are individual people that have their own work styles, personalities, weaknesses and strengths. The more managers and companies realise this, the more freedom workers are given in terms of when, how and where they work.

Generally speaking, things have got a lot better for workers in 2016. Workplace happiness is directly correlated with productivity – and why wouldn’t it be.

Happy workers are good workers but don’t expect them to be happy all the time. No-one ever is.

Productivity apps are a great way of customising your routine and making the most of what little time you have. But even they are quite broad in terms of covering everyone’s work style. Your personality type really effects how productive you are.

Workplace expert Carson Tate stated in an interview with Brit+Co, “The latest productivity app, time-management strategy or tool will not work if it is not aligned to how you think and process information”.

There are four distinct personality types (or productivity styles)

The Prioritiser, the Planner, the Arranger and the Visualiser 

From the titles you can probably guess what kind of work personality you have.

The Prioritiser loves to use data to figure out how much time they have to do every little thing. They cannot work, however, on a loose schedule which makes working with others difficult

The Planner works well with other people and being a leader. If your desk if covered in post-it notes, this is probably you.

The Arranger loves to manage people more than anything so keep collaborating with people to get more done.

The Visualiser is most productive under pressure and working on multiple projects. This person works best in short bursts and on different projects.