It’s Happened, Someone has ‘Pokemon Go Trainer’ As A Full-Time Job

Yesterday we dove into the world of one of the first successful and professional Snapchatters. A person who gets paid upwards of £300,000 a year to produce quality snaps for the rest of the world… we’ve got someone better today, the first Pokemon Go Trainer.

Since its release, Pokemon Go has shifted into the public consciousness like a Goldeen into a stream (that’s a Pokemon reference FYI). For better or worse the virtual capturing game is here to stay with over 35 million users a day.

It was only a matter of time before some model-cum-tech blogger made a living out of the app. Where there’s mass amounts of people using a social media, there’s huge money to be made.

The company Funzing announced the role for full-time Pokemon Go Trainer. 500,000 people applied and the job was given to 22-year-old Ivy Lim who was paying her bills as a “freelance model and DJ”. 

The Trainer gets paid £500 a month for a three-month contract to help organise Pokemon Go events and attend them to spread brand awareness and get more people into the game (like we need that).

Here’s a video of Ivy thanking her loyal fans after getting the job!

Ivy Veronique Lim posted a video to her… – Ivy Veronique Lim | Facebook

Ivy Veronique Lim posted a video to her timeline.

Granted, it’s not a huge amount of money but who couldn’t do with a couple hundred quid extra in your pocket for talking to people about an app.

Some people have committed to Pokemon Go so far as quitting their highly paying job like this British teacher that gave up educating the youth in order to level up her account and make a profit off it on eBay… great plan, that.