Zoats are the latest breakfast craze… but you won’t believe what they’re made from!

Food trends come and go, it was only yesterday that we were lampooning coffee-lemonade for destroying two things we love! However, today is the day that we have to admit: we really need to talk about zoats…

At first glance zoats jumps out as a horrible play on words but the question is, what words? We’ll skip the suspense part and get to it: zoats is a weird porridge recipe that throws shredded zucchini (or courgette, as it’s known here) into your favourite breakfast staple.

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Like most twists on normal food, it’s fun to think about how zoats came to life. Did a clumsy chef accidentally throw a courgette out of the fridge when he was looking for milk and it landed in his oats without realising? We’ll never know…

Either way, the Instagram community are going nuts over this new health-kick. The courgette bolsters your porridge into super-porridge (patent pending). The summer squash adds some much-needed vitamin C and extra fibre to keep your insides running smooth. And the best bit is… no extra calories!

Image credit: Instagram

Image credit: Instagram

At time of writing, #Zoats has 35,000 posts on Instagram and that number is going to be shooting up every morning. Watch out for anyone buying courgettes at your local supermarket… tell them we know what they’re up to.

And speaking of, zoats don’t have end at breakfast. Savoury zoats are an actual thing. Throwing some onions, garlic, parsley, kale and mushrooms in with your basic zoat makes for a crazy nutritious lunch or light dinner.


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Zoats are pretty much the Kanye West of the breakfast world. You take an established, tried and true model and throw something wild and unpredictable into the mix. Some people are going to love them, others despite them. With all this together you’ve got the most 2016 meal of all time… here’s how to make them:

  • Prepare two thirds of your usual amount of porridge oats
  • Grate as much courgette as you can eat into a bowl.
  • Add slightly less milk than you normally would to the mix
  • Pop it in the microwave for about five minutes
  • Customise with fruit, nuts and other good stuff!