5 awesome Youtube channels to procrastinate with (while actually learning something!)

So you’re staring at a blank word document watching the page marker flicker on and off. “Let’s see what’s going on in these other tabs for a second”, you remark as the mouse slowly crawls to the top of your browser. “Look at all these Youtube channels, free for my viewing!”. That’s it, work just isn’t happening today.

The Youtube spiral is potentially the most dangerous of the procrastination breeds. While Facebook and Twitter will only keep you entertained as long as there is new content to see, Youtube has an endless supply of useless garbage that you have to watch in the minutes you should be working.

So let us not be naive and suggest not procrastinating on Youtube, let us point you in a direction that if you’re going to jeopardise your degree or job with Youtube channels, watch something productive.

Here are our top five Youtube channels that might actually teach you something.

1. PBS Idea Channel
2. The School of Life
3. SoulPancake
4. It’s Okay To Be Smart
5. AsapScience