Your morning coffee run could contain a dangerous amount of sugar (without you knowing)

Across the land, millions of working Brits are putting their health at risk with seemingly harmless coffee drinks every morning. Investigations into the sugar levels of flavoured hot beverages from high street coffee spots have yielded some disturbing results, reports Mashable.

The campaign group behind the investigation goes by the name Action on Sugar (AoS to their friends) with the primary objective of “reaching a consensus with the food industry¬†and government over the harmful effects of a high sugar diet, and bring about a deduction in the amount of sugar in processed foods”.

The group have warned strongly about the high sugar concentration in popular flavoured coffees and teas. They’ve warned that chai lattes, hot chocolates and a variety of coffees can contain as much as 25 teaspoons of sugar – that’s roughly the same as three cans of Coca Cola or five Starbucks muffins.

As uncovered by AoS, 98% of flavoured drinks from the high street chain coffee shops (they surveyed 103 drinks from 10+ chains) would be slapped with a bright red label for excessive sugar content.

Starbucks’ large hot mulled fruit drink was guilty of cardinal sin containing a whopping 25 teaspoons. That’s three times more than the maximum recommended sugar consumption for an adult.

This is an alarming issue when you consider how many of these drinks are being consumed on the morning commute alone. 20% of commuters in the UK visit a coffee shop at least once a day – that totals roughly 4.5 million cups of coffee a day.

So tomorrow morning, consider opting for a sugar-free caffeine fix. It might save your life.