The World Travel Guide To Hipster Neighbourhoods

It’s as apt as any time to talk about the ‘hipster’. Urban dictionary describes this breed of contrarian as: “a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.”

Some people are so hipster, they liked the River Thames before it was mainstream (example of witty banter).

The divide between music and style genres has been blurring since the late noughties but the cultural elitism remained and thus birthing the hipster.

The adversary of the hipster is the normal, the type that will happily shop un-organically for convenience and don’t understand what the point of brunch is. (That said, the next few years will see the rise of something called ‘Normcore’ which is where the hipster species will become overpopulated and have to switch sides to stay alternative).

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

However, don’t think this age and time was the origin of hipsters. For as long as there’s been culture, there have been hipsters. Granted, not as much beard oil, but the liberal-mindset has permeated many-a generation and apparently so has an obsession with Twin Peaks (which, for the record, is a fantastic show).

So where are they all hiding? “Behind their lensless glasses?” (more witty banter). Funny, but no. All over the world.

The good people at Cheapflights have compiled this great map of all the hipster neighbourhoods nationwide! The map is centred on Shoreditch being the hipster capital of the UK, which is fair enough.

The map covers every continent and although it includes the more obvious hipster-meccas like Williamsburg in New York City and Amsterdam, it’ll also open your eyes to the counter-culture capitals of South Africa (Woodstock, Cape Town) and Australia (Fitzroy, Melbourne).

The map also includes plane prices in case you’re planning the most alternative globe-trot in history!


Image credit: CheapFlights