We’re taking workwear inspo from a top male fashion blogger

Men’s fashion isn’t always easy to get right. You want to look sophisticated but not too fashion-y (you’re not David Gandy). Smart but not too like your granddad (however stylish he may be!). Whether you work in a bank or a bunker in Shoreditch *edgy*, we’ve got your workwear covered.

Blogger Adam Galla of I Am Galla has all the answers to nailing the perfect workwear look.

1. The boardroom look

So the occasion calls for power dressing, and yep that’s not just a thing for the girls. Adam definitely knows how to rock a suit. Make sure that the cuffs rest just on your wrists and that your trouser legs aren’t too long. Billowy is one thing your look should never be, unless you’re Kanye, and let’s face it, if you are trying to copy his looks, give up now.

The seam of your shoulder should also stop where your shoulders stop – don’t go for padding or any excess material – it will make you look bulky.

Image Credit: Adam Galla

2. The *mysterious* smart casual

Smart casual is an extremely confusing term. What on earth does it even mean? Well I like to think that Adam has nailed it here with this look. The jacket is smart but comfy-looking – it’s not too stiff or proper. Black jeans are a basic every guy needs in their wardrobes – they go with everything and they look smart. Simple. Casual shoes and a light cotton shirt finish off the look. Adding touches of neatness mean that you can get away with essentially wearing jeans and trainers. Even in the office!

Adam Galla

Image credit: Instagram – @IAmGalla

3. Mr Practical

A wooly hat, a padded jacket, a satchel – these are probably all items you own already. Commuter essentials if you will. Take some inspiration from Adam and own the everyday. Good-fitting basics will last you years, so invest in some good pieces that will go with everything.

Image Credit: Adam Galla

4. When all else fails…

If you really CBA to plan your outfits out in advance, rest assured that you will always be able to wing it. Get yourself some well-fitted jeans, a casual bomber, and some smart trainers and you’ll be good to go – always. To men I see on the streets – when have flared jeans EVER been ok? Stop buying them!

Adam Galla

Image credit: Instagram – @IAmGalla