Why you need that extra cup of tea this afternoon

If you, like me, are partial to the odd cup of tea, then you can relate to that feeling of not being able to function without punctuating your day with your regular cups of tea. You’ve got your special mug, your preferred tea bags, and you know where you stand on the loose leaf debate. 

Good news for all the diehard tea drinkers out there, because a recent study has revealed the health benefits for tea drinking.

The Health Council of the Netherlands is already encouraging people to indulge in tea throughout the day because of the health benefits, more of which in a minute. Eert Shoten, a representative for the Council, told The Telegraph that “three to five cups a day reduce blood pressure, diabetes and stroke risks, so this comes as one of our 16 guidelines”.

This promotion of good old tea has been backed by Tim Bond of the Tea Advisory Panel, which, incidentally, sounds like a magical place to work. He also told The Telegraph that “a number of recent studies looking at long term drinking habits have indicated that 3-5 cups of tea are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.”

This advice applies to green and black tea, so sorry to any herbal tea fans out there who want to know if their apple and cinnamon (a personal favourite) will be aiding their health.

So what they’re saying is that we need more tea breaks – the jury is still out on whether we can apply this rule to the two chocolate Digestives we have with each cup…

Now what?