Midday Moment: Why we should all learn to handwrite again!

When was the last time you honestly sat down and tried to handwrite something? Do you actually prefer it? For many of us, the last time we actually had to pen something with our hands and ink was during exam season at either university or sixth form. According to PENS, people who prefer handwriting are often more cerebral in their ability to critically think and problem solve. And it can help beat stress.

Those who handwrite can also inherit the ability to flip cars and demolish buildings with their bare hands. Just kidding, but there are overwhelming benefits of handwriting over, say, typing electronic mail on your keyboard.

“But what about carpal tunnel syndrome?” suck it up, you baby. You spent this first seven years of your education mastering the joint art of handwriting with one of those red Berol pens – there’s no reason to stop practicing now.


Image credit: Berol

So what’s the big deal about typing? People tend to prefer it because it’s faster, it’s easier to share your work over this new-fangled electronic internet and, in fact, 1 in 3 people in the UK write long-form letters or documents only two times a year! And unless both of those things are Thank You cards to grandparents you either need to handwrite more or you’re a terrible grand-child.

In terms of actual, tangible benefits handwriting has things like reading comprehension and memory recall. For example, knowing how to translate and organise complex ideas in writing increases the ability to read and understand them.

Similarly, handwriting notes helps retain knowledge more than typing. The brain summarises and comprehends better when committing notes to paper.

For all you could ever want to know (and more) about why you should handwrite more, check out the rest of the infographic below!


Image credit: PENS