Why Tuscany is THE coolest place to go for young professionals

Tuscany isn’t somewhere you’d immediately think of when planning a summer holiday. But guys, we’re too old for Marbs and Maga now! Tuscany is the new hotspot for young professionals.

Here are 5 super exciting things you can do there (as well as epic sunbathing of course!)

1. Quad biking

The only way to get around Chianti is on a quad bike. The scenery is stunning if you go off-roading in the hills and roaring through the little towns is so much fun. I got a little too confident (see point 2) and ended up flipping mine over whilst trying to do a doughnut. You live and learn!

2. Wine tasting

Get tipsy with a little sophistication. Chianti produces some of the best wine in the world – it would be rude not to go wine tasting, right? Head to Badia a Coltibuono (pictured), an 11th century monastery with a HUGE underground wine crypt filled with chunky oak casks and bottles dating back to the 1940s. The stunning refectory where the monks used to hang out (not that they’d have used that word!) is covered in amazing 16th century Poccetti frescos.


Image Credit: Instagram @emilywadsworth

Image Credit: Instagram @emilywadsworth

Another place well worth a visit is the Paradiso vineyard where the owner plays the grapes and vines Mozart through Bose speakers (both above and underground!). The wine is incredible so it must work!

3. Meat!

In a little village called Panzano, tucked away in the rolling hills of Chianti, is Tuscany’s hottest evening hangout. Cool edgy people, loud music, amazing food, flowing alcohol – this little butcher shop has it all. The owner, celebrity butcher Dario Cecchini, is a real character. We saw him chanting and singing at the top of his voice and getting everyone hyped up. If you’re looking for a Hard-Rock-Cafe-back-in-the-day vibe with authentic Italian food (and the best steak tartar ever!) you have to pay Dario and his team a visit.

Image Credit: Instagram @emilywadsworth

With Italian stallions like Enrique cooking your meal, what’s not to love? (Image Credit: Instagram @emilywadsworth)

4. Italy is the home of Prada, duh!

The Prada outlet is in Tuscany guys! It’s open seven days a week and you can snap up shoes for less than €100 – seriously. Fashionistas, that’s your trip made then!

5. And stay in an awesome villa

Hotels are so last year. Now it’s all about luxurious villas. We booked through Tuscany Now and More who are THE dream travel company. Definitely check them out, especially if travelling with a big group. Could there be any better destination for you and your friends to go?

Tuscany Now and More

Image Credit: Tuscany Now and More (Click for the exact villa I stayed in!)