This is where you’re going to meet ‘The One’ this year

  • Only 14% expect to find ‘The One’ through dating apps
  • 4% hope to find love on their daily commute
  • Work, college and uni also ranked low for finding romance 

With currently 50 million live profiles on Tinder, you would assume that this is the only way to find modern day romance. However a new survey has proved this to be totally wrong. With some terrible dating app experiences in our dating pasts, we’re pretty happy about this.

The One

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A massive third (!) of 18-24 year olds said that they would look to recommendations from friends and family rather than going on dating apps or trying to meet people on nights out.

Here are the top five places people in the UK expect to find ‘The One’ in 2016 –

  1. Through family or friends – 29%
  2. Pub or bar – 23%
  3. Online or through a mobile dating app – 14%
  4. At work, college or university -12%
  5. Social media – 8%

We also wanted to know if men and women had different opinions on dating because they seem to in real life don’t they? Men are more hopeful of finding someone in a pub or bar than women, but women think they will find love through work or education more than men do. So women are basically more open to office romances…

Only 7% of the country think that they will meet someone in other ways – at church, walking the dog or doing their weekly shop were just some examples.

Gary Beeston, a researcher on the project told us: “The new research reveals that the next generation of millennials may have grown tired of modern tactics and are returning to traditional methods of dating. It’s hard to predict where the dating game will progress to next but it’s clear that many would like to revert back to simpler times when dating wasn’t such a chaotic whirlwind.”

So, so true.

If all else fails try pizza…It never lets us down!

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy