What’s the one thing Millennials wouldn’t share on social media?

A new survey into the spending habits of Millennials has uncovered how we feel about our money, revealing everything from salary transparency (sharing it on Facebook) to future financial goals.

The survey, conducted by Capital One, was completed using Google Consumer Surveys, and took results from 1,453 respondents.

We’re taking a look at the results and breaking down a few of the key talking points, including the one thing that us Millennials aren’t comfortable posting on social media for all the world to see…

1. We aren’t shy about our salary

58% of Millennials asked said that they would post a photo of their paycheck on Facebook before they would reveal their Google search history. This could either mean that we aren’t bothered about sharing how much we earn, or that we’ve all got some seriously embarrassing search histories.

2. We’re open to new technology

21% said that they were open to using new technology such as a retina scan as a password for their accounts, suggesting that we’re open to new methods of security.

3. We really trust Facebook

Despite not wanting to put it all out there, 45% said that they would use Facebook to access their money. So we’re comfortable with using social media to manage our accounts.

4. We’re not totally frivolous

When asked how they would spend a cash gift, 40% said that they would put it in their savings, rather than blow it on something material.

5. We’ve got financial goals

55% of those asked revealed that their top financial goal is to stop living “paycheck to paycheck”, but instead to start building a nest egg for the future.

Now what?