These *Weird* Everyday Addictions Could Be Damaging Your Life!

When we think ‘addiction’, the typical substance in question is usually something like alcohol, gambling or Breaking Bad. But we’re all addicted to something. It might not be inherently dangerous but humans are creatures of habit so getting addicted is totally natural – we’re all probably addicted to our phones!

In fact, addiction is so prevalent in the way we speak to each other, you often hear people compare everyday things like breadsticks and TV shows to crack. As disparaging as this is to the crack-using community, it says something interesting about us.

We could all be addicted to things and not even realise that we’re addicted to them! Worse still, they could be damaging our health! These are some of the weird everyday addictions that we need to start to curb.

We’re not sure where the line is drawn between ‘passionate’ and ‘addicted’ but if you’ve ever found yourself questioning your ‘passion’, you’re probably ‘addicted’.


Tanning through the year is pretty much your only hope of putting the rumours to rest that you’re actually a vampire. However, tanning addiction is a real thing and no-one really knows what causes it. One study revealed that the UV lights stimulate our bodies to release all the happy hormones. That said, risks of skin cancer and eye damage can take the glam out of weekly appointments at the tanning spot.

Salty And Spicy Snacks

This one was surprising because the stereotypical addiction for food is chocolate. Sweetness addiction has come from generations of sweet foods being scarce and a high-commodity. The addiction to savoury food comes from the fact that we need salt which means that we, in theory, can’t get enough of the stuff. Our body has a natural desire for the white stuff so when you combine it with loads of cheese – you’re in addiction territory.

So what about spicy food? We love a good madras as much as the next person (get that korma rubbish out of here) but enough to be addicted – we’re not sure.

But we’ve been wrong before! The chemicals is spicy food irritates the trigeminal nerve: the little thing that controls you bloomin’ face!

Because it’s such an important part of your brain space, you get a natural high from the pain inflicted from your scorching palette. Who would have thought that Mexican food was so masochistic?!


Lip Balm

You read that right: people in the world get addicted to using lip balm. Imagine how happy they were when the first flavoured lip balm broke onto the scene? This isn’t even a joke, there are real life support groups to help people get over their lip balm additions!

In the long-run, lip balm actually makes your chapped lips worse. This is because of the irritant phenol. Because of this, using the little relief stick causes a cycle of instant relief and a continued condition. Anyone who has ever tried curing a hangover with cigarettes will attest to how well this works out!