Midday Moment: How virtual reality is becoming a tangible cure for anxiety

Mindfulness May continues on! It’s only Wednesday and the week seems to have gone on forever. Luckily for you, Midday Moments are here to relieve some of that accumulated stressWe’re spending some time every lunchtime dedicated to one helpful way a day to feel better about yourself. Today we’re looking into how virtual reality might be the secret to puncturing some of that anxiety.

So how can wearing a goofy headpiece help you overcome low confidence? Well,   a study looking at how VR can be used to treat people with clinical anxiety aimed to show simulations and environments of typically stressful situations (busy elevators, aggression Underground rides) and show that these fearful situations are actually very safe.

The researchers behind this experiment are currently at Oxford University and asked 30 patients who suffer from persecutory delusions (paranoid thoughts), reports Mashable.

The rendered environments look like terrible PS2 games but were designed to mimic the sounds and experiences of triggering situations.

possible to use VR to treat anxiety rather than conclusive proof that it works.

So don’t start strapping your friends up to an Oculus Rift because they’ve been having a bit of trouble recently. Different people find different treatments helpful for their particular mental health problems, what’s promising is that we’re discovering new ones every day!