Video game soundtracks are THE most effective concentration music, says science

“Music is my drug, man” echoes every undergraduate hearing Dark Side Of The Moon for the first time. And as much as we resent that guy or girl for their overblown pretension, they might be onto something. How exactly does music affect the way we think?

Classical music is often crowned the most effective tool for concentration in a technique called The Mozart Effect. And while it’s not gospel that playing Mozart to babies makes them smarter, there is substantial evidence to suggest that certain types of music can enhance focus.

It’s widely accepted that any music with lyrics is plain distracting. As much as your “Banger Bedlam” playlist goes off
The Last of Us composed by Gustavo Santaolalla, the sunburst toned Wild West ambience of Red Dead Redemption or the delicate and distinctly European composition of Child of Light.

Now what?