VCR: List25

In this new series we’ll be picking out some of our favourite YouTube channels and letting you know why we think they’re so great. From advice on how to ace a job interview to relaxing videos to help you achieve total mindfulness, you’ll catch it all on the VCR (Video Channel Reviews) feature.

If you’re looking for a new YouTube channel that’ll fill your head with all the answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to know, then look no further, because we’ve found it for you.

List25 is the perfect place to stock up on fascinating trivia to wow your friends and colleagues with.

Want to know the ‘25 Most Death Defying Stunts Ever‘? No problem. Got a hankerin’ to see the ‘25 Most Expensive Things in the World‘? They’ve got you covered. What more could you possibly want?


A veritable pandora’s box of amusement, List25 has literally concocted a video fact box of anything you can feasibly think of.

So if trivia is your thing (and even if it isn’t, it soon will be) head on over for hours upon hours of gob-smacking fun.

You are guaranteed to learn something new, even if some information won’t prove immediately useful – ’25 Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built’ anyone?

But others definitely will – ’25 Parasites You Do Not Want to be Infected With’. Dig in!

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