Use this flowchart to work out how stressed you really are!

“Stress as difficult as it might be to accept, is an important part of our lives. It can bring out the best in us, motivating us towards ever greater heights of personal achievement”. That’s a hard sentence to swallow if you’re susceptible to stressed-out meltdowns but there is something to be said for its aspirational power.

As Jennifer Gueringer pens for, in order to be happy and successful, it’s important to have a sense of control over your “whereabouts on the stress spectrum.” There is no reality where you are stress-free, regardless of your job. Like commuting and inane small talk, being stressed is another brick in the work place structure.

This chart below from Pounds To Pocket walks you through every factor that might affect how you feel on the stress spectrum. It prefaces the flow chart by asserting that “too much stress, or feeling unable to cope with it, can take take a serious toll on our wellbeing”. So if the chart indicates that you might be pushing it at work, figure out a way to cope or reduce it.

Starting with how much sleep you got and moving through daily habits, eating schedule, social life, drinking habits, ability to share your feelings, confidence in yourself and how you handle deadlines this flowchart can determine where you land on a stressed out spectrum.

At time of writing I took an honest attempt at using it. So, I slept great last night and woke up refreshed. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep but I’ve gotten into a bad habit of skipping meals or forgetting to eat. In terms of feeling well in myself, I have good days and bad days so it turns out that I’m ‘A Little Stressed‘. The chart advised me to watch how I speak to myself when feeling under the pressure and inject some positivity into my mindset.

How did you do?


Image credit: PoundPlace