Uni Signs: 5 things we’ll NEVER miss about uni

We all look at our uni days through rose-tinted lenses. “The best three years of your life, I miss it so much”, you parrot to anyone marginally younger than you. And while there is some truth to that statement, you should also be grateful that you’re no longer slumming it at university.

That’s right, I said it. I’m (sometimes) grateful that I’m a big boy with a big boy job and not treading the path of the low-life like I was this time last year. There are so many perks to getting your first paid job that you wouldn’t believe when you leave uni.

For all the parties, friends, hedonism and encouraged lethargy there are also a few things that we’ll never miss about uni. Here are six of them.

1. Three payments a year

Money came three times a year at university and, once I’d paid off any outstanding debts from the previous term, it was never a huge amount. Once you start getting paid every month, it’s hard to imagine going back to tri-annual payments (shudders).

2. The constant nag of unfinished business

Once the clock strikes 5(ish), your work day is done. What I miss least about uni is the unstoppable nag of work to be done. From the first week of first year to your final exam, there will always be some work to be done. It’s the very nature of doing a degree and the lack of closure drives many to madness.

3. The looming fear of employment

The prospect of job-seeking used to absolutely terrify me, as it does most students.  As the constant nag of academic work draws closer, as will the opposite nag of starting to apply for jobs.

4. Winter

Need we say anymore? Winter as a student is the absolute worst. You’re cold, miserable and miss your home between the months of November and March.

5. Pseudo-academics