Six Of Your *Favourite* TV And Movie Coffee Shops You Can Visit In Real Life!

Coffee shops have played an important role in loads of great TV shows and movies. In sit-coms like Friends and Seinfeld, they are usually ground zero for any misadventures and hilarious antics. The interiors are like characters of their own!

Now, sorry to be the barer of bad news, your friends aren’t like TV and movie friends. You’re not as funny, cool or emotionally attached – that’s because you live in real life.

However, there’s no reason you can’t keep your wilful suspension of disbelief alive by visiting these coffee shops in real life. Try and figure out who’s going to be Rachel and who’s Phoebe to avoid arguments in the queue…

1. Central Perk – Friends

The most famous coffee house in all of fiction! While the original is in New York, you can get a train up to Liverpool for the next best thing – a replica! Identical to the original Friends set, you can get a free coffee if it’s your birthday.

Image credit: RexFeatures

Image credit: RexFeatures

2. Kaldi Coffee & Tea – Role Models

In keeping with the Friends theme, this Pasadena cafe was a regular spot for Paul Rudd (Mike from Friends… if you didn’t know) in the comedy Role Models. It was in this cafe that ‘Venti-gate’ began! (Tall and Grande both mean large, Venti means twenty).

3. Katz’s Delicatessen – When Harry Met Sally

A New York deli where you can sit in the same ‘orgasm table’ named after Meg Ryan’s performance. Above the table reads a plague: “…hope you had what she had!”

Image credit: RexFeatures

Image credit: RexFeatures

4. Speedy’s Café – Sherlock

A cheap and cheerful cafe in Camden, this coffee spot is the same one used in the fantastic BBC series, Sherlock.

5. Loser’s Café – The Apprentice

Known to the locals as Bridge Cafe, these walls have heard some seriously nasty spats between Apprentice contestants too lewd for the telly!


6. Monk’s Café – Seinfeld

Perfect for any New York tourists who want to show off their cult TV knowledge and grab a milkshake with a side of gravy fries at three in the morning!