How To *Trick* Yourself Into Healthy Eating Habits

There’s this psychology term called ‘cognitive dissonance’. Don’t get scared, it’s a simple concept that will sound all too familiar to a lot of us.

It means, in short: doing things despite knowing the extent of their negative consequences. So, for example, continually stuffing our faces with rubbish food knowing it’s going to destroy our diets.

Food is a vice and it’s not our fault – it’s food’s fault for being so delicious. So many fad-diets are deemed ineffective and being a healthy Foodie does not come cheap! Sometimes the best place to start to get a healthy bod is, not with a full-on diet, but by taking small little steps to reduce your general calorie intake.

It sounds like a diet, we know, but you can trick your brain into a natural state where you eat better and don’t have the junk food cravings – crazy, we know.


Image credit: Instagram – @healthyminutemeals

As the Guardian reports, using smaller crockery and cutlery can trick your brain into believing you are eating more even with a small portion. This is an easy way to quell that temptation for seconds!

Similarly, serving food in a bowl rather than a flat plate creates an optical illusion wherein it looks like you’ve got a hearty portion, but are actually restricting your calorie intake – very sneaky!

If you don’t trust yourself to be fooled by the above approach, we’ve got a more intense eating trick. Try eating a meal with your non-dominant hand… (we told you it was intense).

Research shows that by making eating a difficult task, we’ll naturally consume less. If this sounds like a pain, try using chopsticks – it’ll slow down your rate of eating and still allow you to tuck in without making the meal experience a complete headache.


Image credit: Instagram – @healthyfoodjunkie

This final approach (and you’re not going to like this) is to cut the Netflix and TV from the meal ritual. Apparently we consume as much as 30% more when we’re distracted from the meal itself. The trick is eating healthier is actually eating less – who would have guessed?!