The £20-a-night ‘pod’ that will make travelling on a budget a breeze!

Travelling on a budget can be really tough. If you’re going anywhere outside of Europe, the general consensus is that you’re going to be gauged by airline companies. From there you have to budget for food and activities because being hungry and walking around free museums isn’t the best way to experience new and exciting cities. And then don’t even get me started on accommodation…

By it’s not all bad. Unless you’re in the far East or South Americas, staying in a hotel is pretty much out of the question. However, with the growth of Air BnB and 50 Cent now endorsing HostelWorld, there’s a lot of vested interest in the budget travel market.

So it was only a matter of time before some hip, LA based company came along and made a pod out of it. Not a podcast or a podiatrist but a literal pod.

Podshare offers bedroom style comfort with the community of a bustling hostel. Everyone gets their own ‘pod’ which looks like a bunk bed with a raised ceiling. It’s a 90″ by 60″ design with a mattress, TV, night light, power outlets and plenty of room to hang your toiletries, clothes and knickknacks.


Image credit: Instagram – @Podshare

Right now the idea is situated in Hollywood but every great idea has room for growth. The business model operates pretty similarly to a hostel wherein you pay a deposit before your arrival and complete the transaction when you arrive.

The pod community isn’t just for travellers though. Because of the limits on stay-time in hostels, recently separated people find themselves in Podshare quite often. As do start-up workers who are waiting for that big break! It takes all sorts.

Travelling to the USA can be a real pain for us Brits, especially the West Coast. With Podshare and the influx of competitors we’re likely to see sprout up in the next few years, it might be closer-to-possible for young people to experience the tacky wonder of Hollywood!

Check out Tech Insider’s video report below to see Podshare in action and swing by their website