Why You Should Go To The Land Down Under, Sydney

It’s a place that very few young people in the UK get to visit unless they have backing from their parents. In part to the fact that it’s pretty damn expensive to get to Sydney and survive! If you are in the fortunate position to be going, we’ve got just the travel guide for you!

Getting there

Hopefully you won’t be shocked when I tell you that it costs a lot of money to fly to Australia. It’s really far away – I can’t emphasise that enough. There are no direct flights from the UK because of how really far away it is. We’re talking 22 hours of flight time.

Anyway, checking SkyScanner for flights in September (July is their Winter and not particularly nice), you can get a flight for about £400 each way with a stop in either Indonesia or Abu Dhabi.


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Sydney is a beautiful harbour city with plenty of places to stay in the city and in commutable areas like Manly. Looking at Hostelworld for prices in September, you can afford to stay in a dorm for around £20 a night per person – not bad at all!

Air BnB is a slightly different story. For a group of three or four, you’re going to be paying closer to £30-£40 a night per person. However, most of these properties are gorgeous and slap-bang in the city centre!


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Things to do

Here are our top three recommendations for things to do in Syndey:

    • Taronga Zoo: Not as large as the famed Australia Zoo in Queensland, Taronga Zoo is still 100% worth a visit. It’s located 10 minutes from Sydney Harbour and features animals the likes of which you’d never see in the UK.
    • Sydney bridge walk: It’s a bit expensive but worth every penny; the best way to see Sydney is from the top of this historic bridge. The tour is done on a step-by-step basis so even those wary of heights won’t feel frightened.
    • Manly: A beach-side suburb in Northern Sydney features the best beaches and relaxed environment in the area. A great way to escape the bustle of Sydney city centre.



Image credit: RexFeatures