Travel Guide: The beautiful sights and people of Barcelona

Welcome to Travel Month! We hope you’ve got booked some time off work because we’re dedicating some time every day to giving you everything you need to know about visiting some primary holiday spots, all over the world. Today, we’re rambling through the sub-baked streets of Barcelona!

Heralded as the cosmopolitan capital of Europe, the only thing more beautiful than Barcelona’s architecture is its people. Statistically, it doesn’t make sense that so many Adonis’s, both male and female, could be found in one place. Apart from falling in love at every street corner, Barcelona has loads of things to do like exploring the vibrant art, street food and markets.

Getting there

In this hypothetical situation you and your friends/family are flying out mid-July. This is good news because the average temperature for Barcelona’s July is 29 degrees! Anyway, checking Skyscanner for flights in July from London you’ll be able to get a one way ticket for £34 cheapest.

This flight would be leaving Stansted. If you want some choice around flight times and departure airport, the price is going to be closer to £70 one way.


Image credit: RexFeatures


Because of the vibrant architecture, every wing of this wonderful city is worth staying in. Whether you want a hostel or AirBnB comes down to what kind of vibe you’re looking for. Barcelona is an incredibly social place so the hostel atmosphere would complete the experience.

Looking at Hostelworld prices, expect to pay about £30-£40 per head a night. It’s quite steep but this is a sought after location in the middle of summer.

AirBnB is similarly priced (potentially cheaper if you’re in a big group that don’t mind sharing beds). The average price for a place is about £127 but there are smaller flats for closer to £60 a night. There’s an exceedingly extravagant place for £484 that accommodates 10 people!


Image credit: RexFeatures

Things to do

Here are our top three picks of things to do in Barcelona, but don’t listen to us, get out there and explore!

  • La Rambla: I once cycled down this packed mall street and it was a terrible mistake. Full to the gills with shopping stalls, outlets and boutiques, it’s popular with tourists and locals alike.
  • Gothic Quarter: Thought of as the ‘old town’ Barcelona, this is a good place to get away from the madness of La Rambla and slowly admire the wonderful architecture.
  • Park Güell: Of course we couldn’t get through this travel guide without mentioning Gaudi. This public park system is home of many Gaudi sculptural buildings.


Image credit: RexFeatures