Travel guide: A month of adventures, rounded up

Today marks the end of our esteemed Travel Month! We hope you’ve got something out of our dedicated time every day throughout the month of June giving you everything you need to know about visiting some primary holiday spots, all over the world. Today we’re going to do a round-up of our top three destinations and a mini travel guide for why you should definitely visit them.

It’s a tough call to make. We wrote travel guides for over twenty different destinations across the world! Across South America and Europe we’ve settled on Pembroke, Copenhagen and Rio De Janeiro for our top three travel guide highlights. Namely because it gives a good range of prices from local to other-worldly!

Here is our travel guide round-up!

Pembroke, Wales

Pembroke, in beautiful West Wales, is having a moment! A BIG moment. Chances are you may not have heard of the picturesque town before now. Chances are you have heard of novel-come-blockbuster Me Before You.

Trains from London, Paddington take roughly 5 1/2 hours and cost from £82 via The TrainLine. Plenty of time to catch up on that missed sleep on route or dig deeper into your favourite book. Travelling by car will give you more freedom on arrival, however

Air B&B offers 2 Bedroom apartments in centre of the towns one-way-street town from just £70 p/n.

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Image credit: Lamphey Court Hotel & Spa

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen has bore witness to a myriad of fires, disasters and valiant escapes from Nazi occupation. Today it’s quaint and care-free, the atmosphere feels like home, no matter who are you.

Looking at flight prices (assuming you’re travelling mid-July) Skyscanner is showing flights from London Luton as cheap as £10 one way but might be closer to £20-£30!

Looking at prices at Air BnB costs, the average price is £116 per night (a hostel is a better shout if you’re travelling alone). However, if you’re in a group you can still get places between £70 – £90 a night split between the group!

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Image credit: Instagram – @VisitCopenhagen

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Home of the most beautiful people and beaches in the world, Rio De Janeiro is the seaside city to top all seaside cities and is the to-be host of the Olympics 2016. What a time to visit!

If you’re looking to avoid the madness, September might be the cheapest and best time to go. Checking SkyScanner for flights out to Rio in early September it shows that you’ll be forking out about £800-£1,200 in total if you want direct flights!

If you want a bit of respite from the party environment, Air BnB has group accommodation available for around £50-£70 a night, which, when split, is very reasonable! Especially if the beach is on your doorstep.

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Image credit: RexFeatures